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SAF is a company that has distant roots: it was founded in 1983 by building accumulators and specializing in the sale of batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats. From the beginning the specialization in the different production areas was the result of the sensitivity to customer requests needed to solve specific needs related to the type of use of batteries in different areas such as heavy traction, boating and historical machines.

Subsequently, given the success obtained in our sectors of activity, we have also started to produce elements for light and heavy traction. Production and direct sales have been the winning weapon for us. Often the customer contacts us asking us to solve a need related to giving continuity to forklifts in their production processes. As a result, we analyze your needs and set up a periodic restoration and maintenance service at our customer's site. In this way our customers can concentrate on their production processes and we take care of the restoration and maintenance of their industrial batteries, without any interruption in their production processes. Our warehouses have gradually become specialized, having always available a stock of standardized types of industrial batteries and our technicians have evolved their activities in a highly specialized laboratory which, recently, has included remote monitoring and real-time performance of battery groups in service. You can contact our laboratory directly at: