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As a company we specialize in the production and sale of batteries for the automotive, nautical, light and heavy traction and extreme uses such as off-road, tuning and military applications. To get a quote you can contact us by writing to:

Today we boast a consolidated experience able to guarantee our customers reliable, high performance products and at the same level of technological evolution in the use of their equipment. In carrying out the production activities, it is normal that the same equipment can require different types of services, to ensure their continuity in service, as the nature of the production processes also evolves. For this reason we study, on a case-by-case basis, the need for adaptation, proposing the right versions of batteries that guarantee uniform performance throughout the use of the target equipment and / or vehicles.

Our particular attention to the smallest details covers all the phases of the creation of a battery, from design to production, from finishing to marketing. In fact, it is through direct contact with the customer that we have been able to examine, in real time, the needs of the market, driving us more and more in the direction that has consolidated our company up to the current 19 sales points and direct assistance, where our customer find not only batteries, but also the spare service, the necessary maintenance to restore the connection of the batteries and the layout of the exhausted in respect of the environment and the regulations in force.

A customer who arrives with his vehicle or equipment (such as computer continuity sets, battery-powered cleaners, etc.) at one of our branches, comes out immediately with the newly installed battery at no additional cost and with the security that today represents the lack of interruptions in his work. Even in the most particular cases it is enough to find the contact in our branches to call and warn for the preparation of the right model making sure to find it ready for use.