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Production lines

The range of batteries produced and marketed by Safitaly satisfies all branches of the automotive, nautical and traction sectors; the areas of dedicated stationary systems (photovoltaic, IT and electronic); extreme uses such as tuning, off-road, use on the construction site or in highly irregular routes (such as in agriculture) and sensitive areas that require high reliability of the electricity supply (such as military use, IT systems centralized and advanced systems of the most modern vehicles, such as onboard electronics in the boating and in the most advanced cars with stop-start cycles). For the design of dedicated systems, you can directly contact our laboratories through


We produce and commercialize:

Car batteries (any segment and power);
Batteries for motorcycles (including water scooters and lawnmowers);
Batteries for trucks (from small commercial vehicle to large trucks);
Batteries for extreme services (supersport cars, extreme off-road jeeps, helicopters, etc.);
Batteries for boats (sail and motor in every order of power);
Heavy traction batteries and forklifts;
Light traction batteries;
Batteries for agricultural machinery;
Batteries for continuity installations and photovoltaic or wind energy installations;
Customized batteries for historic cars and restorations;
Increased start-up batteries for critical uses;
Sealed gel batteries.


We are unique, even compared to larger companies, to offer an offer as wide as any use of batteries in the market, maintaining sensitivity to customer needs that is not limited only to the accumulators but also offers the accessories connected to them and above all batteries and charge maintainers, which are an essential part to achieve maximum reliability and service life of the batteries.

The investment in any type of battery can be accompanied by our service, in order to ensure a continuity in performance equal to the maximum useful life expected by each model. Our customers know that with us they can achieve these results, without being interrupted in their production services and thus being able to concentrate in the heart of their production activities.

SAFItaly - Batteries for each Solution // Solutions for each Service.